Take Your Practice Journal Out of the Dark Ages

If you've ever kept a music practice journal, you've probably been frustrated by how hard it is to find relevant entries while you're practicing. With Dr. Flegg's Structured Practice Method, that is a thing of the past.

Now, journal entries are attached to the music they're about, so whenever you practice that piece or exercise, all your notes about that piece are instantly available!

You can also make audio recordings and attach those to your journal entries!​

Deliberate, Thoughtful Music Practice

There is a growing body of research that consistently shows the key to mastering a skill like playing an instrument is deliberate and thoughtful practice.

A Platform for Reflection and Growth

Dr. Flegg's Structured Practice Method provides a platform that is ideally suited to developing a more thoughtful and deliberate approach to musical practice. Whether for your own playing, or for your students, SPM helps provide a structure for practicing that encourages reflection, planning, and better execution.

Help Your Students Practice Smarter

Dr. Flegg's Structured Practice Method includes a whole suite of tools for the private lesson teacher - At no extra cost

Guide Your Students' Practice Any Time

In the past, when a student had a question about their assignments, they would have to wait until their next lesson and hope they remembered to ask then.

Now, with Dr. Flegg's Structured Practice Method, students can flag their journal entries for your attention as they practice. You can then respond right away and save valuable lesson time. You can also look in on your students at any time to offer suggestions, encouragement and advice.

From reading their logs, I have learned that my students are highly creative, and I think that this creativity is partly attributable to the fact that I ask them to think critically and problem solve as a part of their SPM grade. I am convinced that this tool is enabling me to teach them to take more ownership of their own practice time, which will enable them to be more productive when I am not around. I love having the ability to see their mental processes outlined in writing. It is astounding how much more precise I am able to be when offering advice.

Dr. Brittany Hendricks - Arkansas State University


You tell the Structured Pracice Method what you want to practice, how often and how important each item is. SPM Tracks what you actually do and gives you a prioritized practice list every day to help you stay on track with your priorities


Dr. Flegg's Structured Practice Method provides detailed and informative graphs and statistics so you always know how you are actually spending your practice time


The Structured Practice Method is in the cloud! It's web-based application is available whenever you need it - On your computer, tablet or phone

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